Limperg instituut


General information about the Institute

The Limperg Instituut, which is named after the Dutch professor Theodore Limperg jr. (1879-1961), is a co-operation for research purposes between five universities with a post-doctoral education programme for accountants and the Dutch professional body:

Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA);

Current and future objectives
According to its current bye-laws the LI objectives are: 

  • to initiate and perform scientific research in the discipline of accountancy and the related components of business economics;
  • to stimulate and co-ordinate the research of participating institutions as part of the above objective, and to act as a service institute for universities;
  • to provide, to a limited extent, finance for research performed by others; and
  • to advance the primary and permanent education of registeraccountants.

Members of the various research teams are recruited from li staff and
from external organisations, primarily universities and/or accounting firms.
Co-ordination of research teams is delegated to one or more li staff members.
For the future the objectives of the institute have been adapted. This has
been described more fully in the Preface to this annual report, to which we refer.