Limperg instituut

Our Courses in 2017

Dear colleague,

This is to inform you of the upcoming Limperg Courses in 2017.

Research designs and Experiments. September 21, 22, and 25, 26 and 27 with Robert Bloomfield. This course aims at teaching students about what make good study designs in terms of presenting a theory and choosing the appropriate method. While the course put some emphasis on experimental methods, we know from the previous courses Rob taught that it actually does not matter which method the student s planning to adopt for her/his PhD. All students benefit from taking the course.

Financial Accounting 1 (taught by Peter Easton) will be organized early December 2017. We will be fixing the exact week this spring.

Analytics. Spring 2018 Christian Hofmann (LMU: ) will be teaching a new Limperg course: analytics for empiricists. This course aims at students who want to conduct archival, survey or experimental work . The idea of the course is that students learn to appreciate analytical work to the extent that they can invoke the insights of analytical work in their studies. This spring the Limperg institute will issue the full syllabus of the course. It is possible to subscribe to the course. Given the nature of the course we will also admit academics early in their career.

We are working on setting a time schedule for Management Accounting (Dennis Campbell) and for Experiments (Rob Bloomfield). These courses will most likely be organized in autumn 2017 or spring 2018.

I attach the forms to sign up for each of the courses on offer. Please feel free to sign up for each of the courses.

Best regards,

Jan Bouwens
Coordinator Limperg Phd courses